Find Your Freedom Program

How it Began:
In 1999 Beth Tini overcame a life long addiction to Methamphetamine.  She has 16 years in recovery.  In 2000 Beth started the Christian Intervention Program, helping many people to overcome addiction as well as working with the ATRNM.
The Program has since been under construction and is now ready to move on in a better direction.  Our goal is tohelp those who feel there is no hope to find hope and get the support they need.
We also provide assistance in family issues and New Life Church provides many avenues for people to become connected to a sober living enviroment
Class Content:
This program is a Christian based recovery program using curriculum from NCTI.  Classes are set in a group setting and guided with evidence-based curriculum from NCTI.
Topics Addressed:
  • Life skills
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Anger management
  • Petty theft
Each class will continue up to 12 weeks, although time will based on the needs of each client.
Individual counseling is available upon request for a fee.