Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to love God, love others and build the kingdom.
Our vision is summarized in Luke 10:30-37.
A ‘certain man’ journeys away from Jerusalem (A place of peace) toward Jericho (destined for destruction) he falls among thieves that steal everything he has. The priest and the Levite (the religiously oriented) see him in his condition and avoid him. But the good Samaritan (Jesus) goes right to where he was, binds up his wounds and brings him to the the Inn (the church). The Samaritan gives the host (minister) everything necessary to care for the newly arrived guest, promising that if need be more would be forthcoming and thus giving the broken man an opportunity to recover. The broken man has three options in which to respond to the grace provided him.
He could remain in his condition and continued to be served by the host and staff at the inn.
He could recover and take his leave.
He could get well, join himself to the Inn, and begin to serve others in their recovery. 
New Life Church is committed to serving the people that Jesus brings to our ‘Inn’ and providing the means for those who are redeemed to serve others.